Ways to Display Your Personalised Song Lyrics Canvas

Getting into Song Lyrics Canvas is the art of bringing the lyrics of your favourite song to life by having them printed on vinyl canvas. And with their beautiful outcome and durability, it’s easy to see why more and more people are getting into the trend.

If you are planning to start or already have a song lyrics canvas collection and have no idea how to show them off, we have a few ideas for you. And we have no doubt you will love them too.

  • Display Your Art With Frames. If you want to put your canvas in a frame, different frame styles exist today. Whether you want sleek or the more traditional art frames, the options are unlimited. Keep in mind that the cost of display frames vary from one dealer to the next. All of Noisyprints’ canvases come stretched around a wooden frame and ready to hang.
  • Dangle them. For some, hanging art on their wall is a bit bland. If you are one of those people, you can easily attach your artwork to a dangling clip. These clips are made especially for hanging artworks, so make sure you consult a professional while shopping around for one.
  • Paint the Wall. You can put a spin on hanging your song lyrics canvas on the wall by creating a background that ties the collection together. In other words, you can paint the wall behind the song lyrics art a different colour. A different option would be to use eye-catching wallpaper.
  • Use Magazine Racks. Alternatively, you can display your song lyrics canvas by placing them in magazine racks. The trick is to find a stand that’s big enough to hold two or more pieces of your song lyrics art, without crumbling. And since these magazine racks come in different sizes, designs, and shapes, they will make a statement.

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